We believe that keeping close communications with our internal and external stakeholders is essential for the Company’s sustainable development. We are determined to use different communication channels to collect opinions of stakeholders from different sectors, listen to and identify their expectations on the environment, society, and our operations, which are treated as benchmarks for developing targets. We align all these activities with the GRI materiality process.

2021 KWCM Materiality Matrix

  • Social
  • Environmental
  • Governance

Highest Materiality

  • 1. Product Quality
  • 2. Occupational Health and Safety
  • 3. Anti-Corruption
  • 4. Risk Management
  • 5. Training and Education
  • 6. Water
  • 7. Emissions
  • 8. Compliance
  • 9. Anti-competitive Behaviour
  • 10. Waste Management
  • 11. Materials
  • 12. Customer Relationship Management
  • 13. Corporate Governance
  • 14. Customer Privacy
  • 15. Procurement Practices

Higher Materiality

  • 16. Energy
  • 17. Diversity and Non-discrimination
  • 18. Biodiversity
  • 19. Climate Change
  • 20. Human Rights
  • 21. Economic Performance
  • 22. Product Innovation
  • 23. Employment
  • 24. Local Communities

Caring about Our People

Our people are the powerhouse which stimulates the future growth of KWCM. Thus, we aim to develop our talents and create a workplace environment where our employees are given a variety of opportunities to develop their full potential in a safe, healthy, enjoyable and respectful manner.


“8-Mindsets” Model

Ethical Mind
Respectful Mind
Creative Mind
Synthesising Mind
Disciplined Mind
Employee Turnover Rate 8.7%
Average Training Hours 14
Total Number of Direct Employees 892

Safety Statistics

Longest accident free man-hours: Puer Cement Plant


(up to 31 Dec 2022)

Low Injury Rates Compared to the Industry

Injury Rate per 1,000 Employees

1.The 2022 injury rates of Hong Kong Construction and Manufacturing Industry are not available yet in Labour Department of Hong Kong.
2.The industrial safety statistics of Mainland China is not listed here as it is based on a different system which is incomparable to other statistics.

Caring about our Environment

KWCM believes that elevating environmental performance is critical to the preservation of natural resources and success of our business. Thus, we invest in a variety of initiatives, including adopting circular economy and renewable energy, to alleviate the environmental impacts brought by our operations.

Green Product Development

Our products of GGBS, Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (“RAP”), and Eco-Block put circular economy into practice. This green product strategy demonstrates how resource conservation along the supply chain of sourcing construction materials is feasible. Besides, KWCM is proud to obtain the CIC Green Product Certification, which is led by the Construction Industry Council and the Hong Kong Green Building Council, for our 15 mixes of ready-mixed concrete.

1.7 million tonnes

Consumption of recycle
materials in 2022


Energy consumption
intensity in 2022

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Energy Consumption

Connecting Our Community

“Giving back to society” has always been the philosophy of KWCM’s CSR Committee. Established 20 years ago, KWCM Social Club organises charity events in collaboration with government departments, district councils and non-governmental organisations with a different theme each year. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, KWCM Social Club has kept supporting the community during these difficult times. Recognising our responsibilities to the communities, we strive to make positive contributions by participating in charitable and educational programmes and activities, upholding the belief of “contributing to our society where one benefits”.

Community Contribution (in HK$)


Volunteer Hours


Sustainable Highlights