KWCM upholds the belief of “contributing to our society where one benefits”, and strives to help people in need.

As part of KWCM’s commitment to sustainable development, we are well aware of our social responsibilities, for which we endeavour to play a leading role within our sphere of influence and strive to address all the concerns of our stakeholders.

KWCM adopts a “people-oriented” approach to encourage work life balance, promoting a sense of belonging and harmony in the places we operate, and providing our staff opportunities to develop their potential whilst satisfying their recreational needs.

KWCM is committed to sustainable environmental performance. We ensure our operations are risk-free to the environment. By organising various activities in relation to the promotion of environmental awareness, conservation and preservation, we continually demonstrate to our stakeholders our ability of fulfilling the promise.

We recognise our responsibilities to the communities in which we operate, and seek to make positive contributions by participating in charitable and educational programs and activities.